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4/5/24 - Spain Recognizes Palestine as a sovereign State

As only 9 out of 27 EU member states recognize Palestine as sovereign, Spain joins the ranks.

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11/18/23 - Palestinians Fleeing on Foot in Gaza

Tens of thousands of Palestinians flee on foot from Al-Shifa hospital towards the southern Gaza Strip amid conflicting reports from health officials and the Israeli occupation military about who ordered an evacuation. Dr. Ramez Radwan described seeing bodies in the streets as they walked on the road leading from the hospital through Gaza City.

11/8/23 - Palestinians Privacy Invaded and are Prisoners in their Own Homes

Israeli Military solidiers camp in private Palestinian homes, without their consent and sleep in their beds. A glimpse of the daily lives of occupied Palestinians

11/8/23 - ILIA Joins Maryland Consituients Visiting Congress

ILIA joined two dozen local residents from Maryland meeting Congress Representatives and the two State Senators. The organization shared the demands of Maryland's young adults, and the impact of sending Maryland tax money overseas, rather than investing in our local communities.

11/4/2023 - National Protest, Washington DC

11/1/2023 - Chris Van Hollen, Maryland Responses

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11/1/2023 - ILIA Prays for Palestinian Child and Youth

We couldnt find a better way to show our solidatory with our peers across the world. We pray that Allah swt allievates their sufferings and brings peace and justice.

11/1/2023 - Upcoming Protests in Howard County, Maryland

11/1/2023 - Edcational video describing Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Excellent educational video describing Israeli crimes against Palestinians. #Israel has violated pretty much every known law against Palestinians due to unconditional US backing.

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10/31/2023 - Empire Files: Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé - “I Was the Terrorist”

10/30/2023 - The Palestinian Struggle Thru An African American Lens

The Palestinian Struggle Thru An African American Lens

10/28/2023 - No words have the power of expression more than this photos!

10/27/2023 - Palestinian teenager in solitary confinement

10/27/2023 - Richmond City Passes Resolution Calling for Palestinian Rights

Richmond City Council passes pro-Palestinian resolution, Watch here

RICHMOND, Calif - After more than seven hours of emotionally charged debate over what's going on in the Middle East, the Richmond City Council voted 5-1 Wednesday morning to approve a resolution that recognizes the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing. 

10/21/2023 - Palestine Protest, Washington DC

Cease Fire Now

This is one of the most pivotal moments of our lives. We need thousands to come to DC this Weds to stop a genocide against Palestinians. Come be part of the most historic protest of US Jews for Palestinian freedom this country has ever seen. Bring everyone you know. Can you change your plans to make it?

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10/20/2023 - Palestine Protest, Washington DC

10/19/2023 - Jon Stewart and The shocking excuses video!

Warning bombing in Gaza!? Watch it Here

10/19/2023 - Jewish Man Lived in Gaza What He Saw Will SHOCK You!

 Reaction to Charlie Kirk PBD PODCAST.

10/18/2023 - National March For Gaza & Daily Ceasefire Phone Bank

10/18/2023 -Israeli air strike on Gaza hospital

At least 500 killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza hospital: Health Ministry..

10/18/2023 - Al Jazeera English | Live

Watch Al Jazeera English | Live

10/18/2023 - People were arrested & Hamas Shocking Video

BREAKING: AMP staffer, Mohamad Habehh, Palestinian activist, Huwaida Arraf, and Jewish American activist, Irene Siegel were arrested

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10/12/2023 - Gideon Levy: Israel Should Lift Siege & Call Off Plan for Ground Invasion

From Tel Aviv, we hear from award-winning Israeli journalist and author Gideon Levy, whose recent column for Haaretz is headlined "Israel Can't Imprison Two Million Gazans Without Paying a Cruel Price.

10/17/2023 - Understanding Gaza Today & Responding to Islamophobia

10/17/2023 - Have Muslims in the West Betrayed Palestine?

What can Muslims in the West do to support justice and truth?

The power of a few keystrokes.

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10/17/2023 - Israel Bombs Hospital Killing 500 Palestinians

Violence in the West Bank has increased as more Israeli forces are conducting regular raids on refugee camps. Qusay Al-Waljiy, age 16, and Muhammed Nujoom, age 25, were both shot in the chest and killed in a violent raid on one of the refugee camps in Jericho. This marks the first deadly raid on Jericho in months.  There have been reports of armed clashes with Israeli forces, but  it is still unclear if these two individuals were involved. 

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8/15/2023 - 2  Young Palestinians Killed During West Bank Raid

Violence in the West Bank has increased as more Israeli forces are conducting regular raids on refugee camps. Qusay Al-Waljiy, age 16, and Muhammed Nujoom, age 25, were both shot in the chest and killed in a violent raid on one of the refugee camps in Jericho. This marks the first deadly raid on Jericho in months.  There have been reports of armed clashes with Israeli forces, but  it is still unclear if these two individuals were involved. 

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8/11/2023 - 8 injured and 1 Killed in Raid conducted by Israeli Forces

Late Thursday night on August 10, Israeli forces marched into the Tulkarm Refugee camp and conducted a raid. Tulkarm is one of the most populated Refugee camps in the West Bank. During the raid, 8 civilians were injured and 23 year old Mahmoud Jihad Al-Jarad was shot in the chest and killed. He was in critical condition when he was taken to the Thabet Thabet Government hospital, where he shortly died.  His funeral procession took place on Friday August 11 in the Othman bin Affan masjid in Tulkarm. 

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Tulkarm Refugee Camp

12/9/22 - Israeli Forces Kills 45 Journalists Since 2000

An Israeli court has sentenced the Jerusalemite activist Ramzi Abbasi to a year and one day of imprisonment. It's worth mentioning that he was detained in April 2023. Some key facts about Ramzi are:

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The article titled, "Israel will not investigate Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing", notes how Israel has refused to investigate Abu Akleh's killing, reflecting a trend towards not investigating Palestinian deaths to avoid arousing controversy in Israel.

5/12/22 - Israel uses Violence to Silence Reports on Abuse

Palestinian media groups say Israel uses violence to silence reports of its abuses on Palestinians:

▪️ 248 journalists arrested since 2012

▪️ 155 wounded by Israeli forces in 2021

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The article titled, "The killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, explained", recounts how famed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who had been the face covering human rights abuses against Palestine in Israel for the network, was shot dead on Wednesday. Despite Israel's attempts to cast doubt on the situation, her producer Ali Samoudi and other eyewitnesses and journalists on the scene reported that she was murdered by Israeli forces. Israel blamed Palestinians and despite supposed offers to investigate the shooting, human rights groups are skeptical due to Israel's consistent bad track record in holding transparent investigations into their own suspected crimes and suspect that a whitewashing of the incident will come about.

The article titled, "Israeli court paves way for eviction of 1,000 Palestinians from West Bank area", describes how after two decades of a legal battle, Israel's high court has allowed for 1,000 Palestinians to be expelled from a part of the West Bank for the Israeli military to use for itself. This constitutes one of the biggest expulsions in the history of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and despite expert testimony proving that the land had been inhabited for decades, the high court claimed that the Palestinians were not residents of the land and thus could be evicted and rejected abiding by international law regarding forced removal. It is illegal to confiscate occupied land for use that doesn't benefit the people living there or forcibly remove the population according to the Geneva Convention.

Critical Analysis: Last week, Newsweek published a deceptive article by op-ed writer Caroline Glick, falsely equating the conflict to portray Palestinians as the aggressors and urging the Israeli government to take action against the supposed menace.

The article begins by recounting a series of shootings by Arab gunmen that took the lives of around a dozen Israeli civilians. The article then immediately proceeds to generalize all past conflicts between Israel and other Arab states as a battle between the inherently noble Israel and its terrorist Arab neighbors, advocating via a vague statement that Israeli government should go on the offensive on the terrorist's home turf without providing specific details as to her proposal and despite the fact that all shooters were shot dead at the scene and no group was linked to the attacks.

While the loss of civilian lives is tragic, no matter which ethnicity or religion they are from, the article omits any context and immediately pivots to using this tragedy to scapegoat all of Israel’s Arab nations as terrorist aggressors while neglecting to mention that several Arab nations and the Palestinian Authority were quick to condemn the terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis.

Speaking of the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the article neglects to mention the history of Palestine as a religious diverse Arab territory betrayed by the British government who promised Arab land sovereignty in exchange for helping them defeat the Ottoman Empire in WWI, only to turn around and declare their support for the growing Zionist by supporting mass Jewish immigrations to the area and the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, regardless of the wishes of the actual majority there. When the British left the issue to be decided by the U.N after high tensions and riots in the area, the U.N partitioned the territory and decided to give most of the land in Palestine to the Jewish minority while Palestinians would only get the smaller share of their own land. Arab leaders rejected the plan for giving most of the land to only a third of the population and war ensued. Following Israel’s victory, 80% of the Palestinian population in Israel was permanently displaced in what became known as the Nakba where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, were expelled from their homes and hundreds of villages were destroyed in a campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Israeli government which passed laws preventing Palestinians who left from reclaiming their property. 

Since then, the atrocities against Palestine have only continued, with Israel fully occupying Palestine in 1967 and implementing a apartheid state to systematically discriminate against Palestinians in all aspects of life and the establishment of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

The article proceeds to go on and fear mongering over the state of the current Israeli government being a coalition government with “radical” left-wing and Arab parties that believe in dangerous ideas like a two-state solution and improving the quality of life for Palestinians while defending the corrupt, racist ex-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu who passed a internationally condemned basic law in 2018 to specify Israel as a state for the Jewish people and the right to self-determination in Israel being exclusive to the Jewish people and was forced to resign after being indicted for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust following police and prosecutor investigations. The article falsely claims Prime Minister Bennett stated that he would never form a coalition with the left and Muslim parties and assert that concessions being made to Palestinians in Judea and Samaria threaten the lives of all the Israeli citizens there without any evidence or explanation as to what these concessions even are. Finally, the article ends after unsubstantiated claims that the Palestinian Authority had links to Hamas and was actively sponsoring terrorist attacks against Israel and repeating her claim that Israel needs a strong “counter-terror” strategy.

Conveniently, the article doesn’t actually advocate for any supposed counter-terror policies, simply and vaguely dog whistling in the beginning that Palestinians like the Arab nations around Israel that were previously in conflict are terrorists and that the Israeli needs to go on the offensive to their home turf to dismantle their infrastructure. Efforts like this have been enacted before by Israel in the Gaza Strip, where Israel has blockaded the area for nearly 2 decades in what the U.N has described as a denial of basic human rights and violation of international law, leading to the utter decimation of the area and a shortage of basic supplies like food, water, and fuel along with a declining economy and deteriorating social services and infrastructure. 

In addition, Israel has launched devastating and repeated bombardments into Gaza in response to Palestinian protests against oppressive policies, killing thousands of people, the overwhelming majority being civilians including thousands of children, the most recent of which just occured this past year in 2021 where hundreds of Palestinians including 66 children were killed in contrast to less than 20 Israelis. Make no mistake, the article published in Newsweek is a misleading piece that takes advantage of a tragic event to stoke fear and hatred towards Arabs and Palestinians as well as to hinder any effort at a peaceful solution. At the same time, it dog whistles in support of brutal Israeli offensives that massacre thousands of Palestinians, only deeming any loss of Israeli civilians worth mentioning and omitting the truth of the conflict, that Israel is a racist, apartheid state that has violently oppressed Palestinians for decades. 

Therefore, it is imperative that we, the public, must contribute to help end this crisis, through sharing news about Israeli oppression to spread awareness to more people, boycotting Israeli-made products, donating to Palestinian relief and advocacy organizations like those listed on this site, and joining protests to pressure our leaders to stop supporting Israel or condoning their atrocities and instead pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestine and allow for a free Palestinian state to finally exist.

The article titled, "Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, over 150 Palestinians injured", states how Israeli police violently raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem before dawn on Friday for Fajr prayer, detaining and injuring hundreds of people in the site. The attack was the greatest violence that occurred at Al-Aqsa Mosque in almost a whole year and Palestinian humanitarian organizations at the scene told reporters how Israeli police obstructed the arrival of paramedics to the scene and despite claims for the Israeli police, a Palestinian cameraman at the scene who witnessed the raid described how Israeli police attacked mosque staff, elders, and young people. The attack has caused condemnation from the Palestinian Authority and a few Arab countries including Jordan and Egypt as well as demonstrations near the Israeli embassy, with the international community being requested to end Israeli aggression and not sit idly by while the violence continues, to no avail.

The article titled, "Palestinian leadership uses Lapid as a scapegoat for their incitement - analysis," states that Foreign minister Yair Lapid's visit to Jerusalem's old city on Sunday, including a walk through Damascus Gate with Israel Police Insp- Gen. Kobi Shabtai escorted by a large police contingent, went smoothly with no reports of violence. Palestinians however, said the foreign minister was storming Damascus Gate and engaging in provocation, encouraging, and making excuses for reprisal attacks during a wave of terrorism. The Palestinian foreign minister condemned the "provocative incursion" and said Lapid's promise to have increased police forces on duty for Passover was "inciting against the Palestinians," part of an "expansionist Judaizing colonial system" and, as always, apartheid. 

The article title, "A message to the Arab States who Ally with Israel to erase Palestinians" it is stated that for the Palestinians, membership of the Abraham Accords club means that those "brotherly" Arab states are neither expected nor even requested to lead their struggle towards national liberation. Only one of the four Arab countries hosted so royally is strategically vital to Israel, and that country is Egypt, whose foreign minister stated that their ultimate goal is to remain a "Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem its capital". Now, even though some Arab foreign ministers may choose to ignore this- to the gratification of most Israeli Jews- it can't erase the reality of the dispossession for most Palestinian citizens of Israel, let alone Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

On March 15th, 2022, several Palestinians, including a teenager, were killed by Israeli forces. Specifically, Teenage boy Nader Rayan and two men killed in raids in the occupied West Bank and Israel. Nader Rayan was shot in the head, chest, and the hand according to the Palestinian health ministry. Alaa Shaham who is in his twenties, was killed by a bullet to the head and six other Palestinians were wounded by live fire. 

On March 8th 2022, Israeli troops demolished Palestinian homes in the West Bank. The residences of Mohammad Jaradat and Jit Jaradat in the West Bank were demolished early morning, Tuesday. According to the Palestinian News Agency Wafa, Israeli forces wounded eight people with live rounds and rubber-coated bullets. Today, between 600,000 and 750,000 Israeli settlers live in at least 250 settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and they do this by stealing the homes of Palestinians. 

On February 22, 2022 Israeli forces killed a 14 year old boy whose name was Mohammad Shehadeh. He was killed in Al Khader by Israeli forces gunfire. The Palestinian Wafa News Agency quoted local activist Adam Salah saying that Israeli soldiers opened live fire injuring Shahadeh before detaining him, and that soldiers prevented ambulances from reaching him. A funeral has been held for this 14 year old Palestinian boy, and it is a sad day in Palestine today.